Crypto University - Blockchain Prosperity

Crypto University - Blockchain Prosperity

Type: meetup
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Fri 1 Jun, 2018
London, United Kingdom
Amba Hotel Marble Arch Bryanston Street


Learn from our guest speakers to get an inside track on the ever changing Blockchain space and how it can bring the majority of the world out of poverty.
Our guest speakers will discuss everything from Blockchain and how the technology will be embedded into our everyday lives, and how it can change the financial landscape of peoples lives.
At this event we will clear up and educate you on the common misconceptions you may have about the Crypto Market Capitalisation. These misconceptions incude
Wanted to invest but thought you missed your chance
If you think market has peaked
If you think you need a lot of money to be involved
There are more millionaires being created from this space than anything else in history. Gain an education and do not miss your opportunity again.
Guest speakers include:
Blue Diamonds
Moyn & Monir Islam
Darren Matadeen
Avinash Nagamah
More TBC
This is an opportunuity to connect and network with individuals who are well versed within the space. For those looking to further their knowledge and meet like-minded enthusiasts THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU.
We provide the space, community and services for you to gain the best start. To learn more send an email to or call 07453290707