Are you CryptoCurious? Learn how to buy and own Bitcoin and other cryptos

Are you CryptoCurious? Learn how to buy and own Bitcoin and other cryptos

Type: meetup
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Wed 6 Jun, 2018
London, United Kingdom
WeWork Paddington 2 Eastbourne Terrace

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So you've heard a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - so how can you get involved?
Blockchain Initiative are hosting this event to bring together people who are interested in learning about and/or investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology! At this meetup you can expect to:
Hear about the dangers of investing in crypto - avoid the mistakes others are making!
Learn how to buy and safely store bitcoin - YOU own YOUR bitcoin!
Connect and network with other like minded, forward thinking people.

7pm - Angus Maidment, Blockchain Beginners - "How NOT to Invest in Crypto!"
8pm - Tom Spink, Founder Blockchain Initiative | Ciran Magee, Head of Bitkiosk Ireland - "Crypto and ICO Q&A"
8.30-9pm - Drinks, Pizza, and networking
About Event Hosts:
Blockchain Initiative - "A community for ICOs, enthusiasts, and buyers.” Blockchain Initiative is a comprehensive solution for token sales and post-ICO management, as well as a dynamic marketplace for service providers. You may be simply an individual looking for an insiders view of the ICO landscape this includes access to market data exclusive forums and telegram chat channels. Or a business looking to unlock the potential of the blockchain to raise funds without having to give away high levels of equity through a traditional VC.

BitKiosk - BitKiosk is one of the leading integrated OTC Dealers of Bitcoins & Ethereum in the UK. Originally set up in 2014, we have facilitated over £60M worth of cryptocurrency trades in UK with a verified track record ( We enable clients to buy and sell crypto currencies seamlessly supporting your favourite mobile phone chat apps that can connect directly to our trading and support systems.BitKiosk is pioneering accessibility to the digital asset class of the future.
BitKiosk is the UK’s first OTC Dealer to launch a dedicated Bitcoin and Ethereum subscription weekly purchase service – the most efficient and frictionless way of acquiring cryptocurrencies. Our clients can now take advantage of the powerful ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ methodology which is seen by many top financial experts as the most effective and powerful way to accumulate a financial asset.

Speaker Profile: Angus Maidment
Angus Maidment is one of the brains (and beards!) behind the highly successful "London Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Beginners" Meetups. He has become well known on the tech scene in London for his ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a fun, concise and easy to understand manner. He also wears a variety of jazzy shirts, so there will be no doubt who to direct your questions to at the end!

Angus started his career working in scientific high performance computing working with some of the most prestigious research universities and institutions in the UK. Alongside the technical work he was also always involved in "science communication" - taking the cutting edge science from the lab and explaining it to the general public. He has combined these experiences with his passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to deliver talks at tech startups, universities, and meetups around the world!

At this event, he will be delivering a talk entitled "How NOT to Invest in Crypto!" - he will tell you about the scams, schemes and pitfalls which have claimed the fortunes of many a would-be investor. He will also cover some general investment best practices, how crypto & ICO investing is different and some easy things to look out for to protect your hard earned wealth.

NB Angus is a teller, not a seller - he wants to share knowledge with you so you can make more well informed decisions. He will not be giving any investment advice or telling you anything about things you should be investing in, just the things you should be avoiding.
Speaker Profile: Tom Spink
An early adopter in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Tom is at the very heart of revolutionizing mutiple industries across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
Tom's overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.

Based in London Tom and his team now focuses and works actively with numerous clients in the ICO space and offers advice, consulting services, connections to Blockchain experts and investor relations strategies.