Bitcoins - Introduction to Bitcoins Workshop

Bitcoins - Introduction to Bitcoins Workshop

Type: meetup
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Thu 9 Aug, 2018
New York/NY/USA
NYC Seminar and Conference Center 71 West 23rd Street Suite# 515

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Heard about Bitcoins and wanted to learn more about the exciting technology that is disrupting the financial industry?
Would you like to know how blockchain technology is transforming the Internet?
Would you like to know how blockchain is effectively changing how we do business?
Would you like to have a firm grasp of where blockchain technology is headed and how you can leverage it?
We will answer those questions and much more, as well as where Blockchain Is Going, What It Does, And How to Prepare for It.
We will discuss the essence of bitcoin and the blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies to see how it works.
We will also dive into Ethereum, learn about the blockchain ledger, smart contracts, privacy, and proof of work.
After this workshop, you’ll know everything you need to be able to get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll have the conceptual foundations you need to interact with the Bitcoin network.

Target Audience:
Beginners, Novices, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Miners, and Traders.
The ideal student for this workshop is someone who wants to quickly understand and expand their knowledge of how blockchain and Bitcoin work as well as how they are applied.
People who want to learn more about how blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting our world.

This is a beginner course Introduction to Bitcoin.
There is no prerequisite needed to enroll beyond having a business interest in learning how blockchain and Bitcoin works, with a desire to learn more.

What Will You Learn:
- What is Bitcoin?
- How to buy Bitcoins
- What is a cryptocurrency?
- Types of cryptocurrency
- How blockchain and Bitcoin are related and why it’s so important to know the relation
- Some common misconceptions about blockchain and Bitcoin
- Learn Blockchain basics and how it works
- Understand Ethereum Blockchain
- What are smart contracts?
- The role of bitcoin miners
- Ledgers and Smart Contracts
- Introduction to cryptocurrencies and other top known altcoins
- Create and use Bitcoin account
- Bitcoin Investment 101
- Introduction to Bitcoin and Altcoin trading via GDAX
- And More!

Why Should You Get Involved with Bitcoin?
1. Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon in the short time it has been around, it serves many purposes with the main one being it is a currency that isn’t issued by any central governing body.
2. Bitcoin is an alternative investment which offers exponential returns, however the markets are volatile. It has a distinct advantage over other markets, that being it’s a 24/7 liquid marketplace.
3. By getting involved with Bitcoin you’re joining an ever-growing ecosystem, which is at the cutting edge of technology. Remember Bitcoin can be used as both a currency, and an investment.

• Format

This is classroom setting workshop
NYC Seminar and Conference Center bring your laptop, Free WIFI
Limited Seating available! RSVP now!

"Thank you So Much, I learned a lot from your last workshop." - Christina S.

"So Informative and Professional." - Derik N.
""I am completely blown away by the quality and generous material. Thank you very much" - Mark D.

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