Decentralized Exchange + Tokenization of Real Assets & Equity Tokens

Decentralized Exchange + Tokenization of Real Assets & Equity Tokens

Type: meetup
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Sun 8 Jul, 2018
New York/NY/United States
Citdex 32 Orchard Street


• Tokenization of Assets

The world is full of assets: stocks, real estate, gold, carbon credits, oil, etc. Many of these assets are difficult to physically transfer or subdivide, so buyers and sellers instead trade paper that represents some or all of the asset. But paper and complex legal agreements are cumbersome, difficult to transfer and can be hard to track. One solution would be to switch to a digital system along the lines of Bitcoin but linked to an asset.

• Equity Tokens

Using legal and technical infrastructure, startups and established companies alike can legally issue a new type of asset we call tokenized equity. Such crypto tokens reflect the value of the business operating in the real, off-chain, world and at the same time are as liquid as a currency.

• Format

This is roundtable meetup with a simple conversation. Citdex Accelerator is built for blockchain community to connect and share ideas. Be ready to interact.

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