Blockchain! What Is It Good For?

Blockchain! What Is It Good For?

Type: meetup
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Thu 4 Oct, 2018
New York/NY/USA
Digital Ballpark 100 Terminal Drive Plainview


While Bitcoin and other crypto currencies grab all of the mainstream headlines, the impact of the technologies behind it - blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) - on the structure of business transactions and key societal interactions is potententially even more profound.
We will start with an introduction to blockchain and DLT. Then discuss two key value propositions of which distinguish the technology from current transaction mechanisms.
First, transaction protocols often include a trusted third-party intermediary typically described as participant “T”. The downside of participant “T” is that it increases cost and reduces control. We will discuss how blockchain and DLT technologies offer the opportunity to eliminate it and greatly improve the efficiency of multi participant transactions or systems.
Next, we will explore the implications of the replacement of perimeter security around centralized, high-value, proprietary, "data castles" with the integrated security made possible via distributed, open, shared-protocol, cryptographically secure, "data villages".
Speaker Bio
Bill Catlan has been passionate about computing technology since he was a kid and has always been interested in its potential to have a positive impact on business and society. Bill keeps up with the latest trends and currently possesses three AWS certifications, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional. He has over 20 years of experience developing enterprise software solutions. Bill is also an attorney licensed in NY and NJ. When not hacking the cloud, Bill shares his passion and proposal for bringing sanity back to the cost of housing while protecting and rewarding current homeowners' investment in America at